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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be tough to get a debt consolidation loan if you have bad credit. A secured loan might be a possibility, but you might find it to be too risky due to the fact that you’re asked to put up a hefty amount of collateral to qualify.

You do have options if you have bad credit, though, and they can obtain similar results to debt consolidation. Two of the most popular: debt management and debt settlement.

Credit card debt
Business and/or commercial debt
Slow or late payments
Charge offs
Accounts placed with a debt collection agency and/or attorney debt collectors
Medical bills
Deficiency balances
Store credit card
Pre-judgment and post-judgment settlements

Call us with any questions on what type of debt you can enroll!

Debt settlement is a great way for a lot of people to get out of debt. But it’s not for everyone. How do you know if debt settlement is right for you?

Debt settlement makes sense if you owe a lot of debt to several different creditors. It should be enough debt that you struggle with keeping up with it but not so much that you’d never be able to get a personal loan in order to pay it off. Large forms of debt like student loans can sometimes be consolidated, but they usually need to be dealt with separately from other forms of debt.

Often, the kind of debt that’s well-suited for debt settlement is credit card debt. It’s all too possible to open up multiple different credit cards and run them up without realizing what you’re doing. Your main credit card, your emergency credit card, the cards you have with different stores that you opened up for discounts – each one can get out of control if you’re not careful, and dealing with all of these different payments can be a nightmare. In this case, then debt settlement might be right for you.

Debt settlement is what happens when you reduce the amount of your unsecured debts through direct creditor negotiations. At its core, debt settlement is the best option for a creditor to “lose the least” on accounts that default in payment. The process can be made to be largely predictable due to established timelines and bank policies which can and do vary from creditor to creditor.

Debt settlement is a proven effective means to eliminate debt for the right person.

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